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Geekvape Wins Two MIST Vape Awards

By admin
Geekvape has won honours in two vape categories in the recently concluded MIST
Vape Awards 2023.
MIST Vape Awards, an annual awards ceremony highlighting exceptional vape
products, gave the Best CBD Vape Kit to Geekvape’s Sonder Q.
According to MIST, the Sonder’s Q new Q cartridges deliver exceptional flavour even
when paired with CBD e-liquid because of the cartridge’s wick weave and ceramic
In addition to the Best CBD Vape Kit, MIST also named the Z200 Mod as the Best
Dual Battery Mod in 2023.
MIST argues that the Z200 Mod manages to make sub-ohm vaping affordable by
stripping out the touch-functionality and ingress protection of the T200. But despite
these exclusions, the Z200 delivers the same performance as the T200.
MIST reviewed both devices early in 2023, praising the Sonder Q for its coil design
and the Z200 Mod for its affordability and performance.
About MIST Electronic Cigarettes Ltd
Founded in 2010, MIST Electronic Cigarettes Ltd sought to distinguish itself amidst
the initial vape shop boom by focusing on a consumer-driven business model. MIST
quickly developed a devoted consumer base of sensible smokers looking to
eliminate a bad habit.

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