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Aegis Legend: Shock Proof Statement

By Geekvape

Geekvape engineering team started to work on Aegis Dual along with the designing of the first version, and it took us almost one year to accomplish the project. The Legend is definitely the most complex box mod in the vaping industry when it comes to the difficulty of R&D, and our team was challenged to complete a task that seems impossible! One of the biggest struggles is that we need to ensure the ease of use on the battery door while maintaining the shockproof and waterproof capability.

Aegis Legend: Shock Proof Statement

Even if the Aegis Legend is more durable than the first version, there is still one weak point when equipped with dual batteries.

1.Legend's body is more rugged, constructed with up to 6 materials;
2.Legend 510 connector is the most durable in the industry;
3.The screen of the Legend is more durable than the first version. It won’t come off even if dropped from an extreme tall height;
4.The waterproof capability may fail if dropped multiple times if the battery door receives the full impact from the ground. However, the device should maintain its full shockproof capability If it makes an impact with the ground on another surface other than the battery door

Let’s explain why…

Why is the first version can be that shockproof?
1. As shown in the picture below, the pressure from the battery is distributed evenly on the Red Curve Part.
2. The battery cap is secured by a screw, all pressure points are evenly distributed around the threading, so the pressure on a single point is very small.
3. The internal compartment is sealed throughout the edges (horizontally) with waterproof silicon, so even when the cap has been deformed caused by impacts, the battery cap connection will more likely to maintain its waterproof capability due to the way it connects.

Aegis Legend: Shock Proof Statement

Aegis Legend, on the other hand, is powered with dual 18650, to ensure the convenience of battery cap opening, we decided not to use the threading structure like the first version, we use the most convenient yet durable method, the button press latch style.

There is a big challenge to make it water-resistant, and shock-resistant while providing the ease of use on the battery cap open method. As shown in the picture above, point 1 and point 2 are two fixed point, just like the two side of a lever, point 3 and point 4 are two pressure points, point 3 and 4 are far from point 1 and 2 , therefore those two points become vulnerable and suffers several times more pressure as the first version, so it makes the battery door to be more prone to deformation, if this does happen, it will then lose the waterproof capability. Our team uses up to six different materials to achieve extreme portability and durability.

While the Aegis Legend mod is even more durable than the first version, it cannot be as shockproof as the first version when equipped with dual 18650 batteries for the above reasons. Please DO NOT drop the legend above 1 meter or it may damage the battery inside or lose waterproof capability or get battery cap dented.