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Fast Charging Explanation of Aegis Mini

By Anonymity

Aegis Mini is powered with 2A fast charging, which can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes when you use 5V/2A charging head, but it needs around 2 hours to be fully charged. Why? It depends on lithium battery itself.

Fast Charging Explanation of Aegis Mini

The following is some information about charging process of lithium battery.

The lithium battery charging process is generally divided into the following four stages:

Phase 1: Trickle charging (small current charging)
When the battery voltage is below a certain threshold, the battery is first charged with a small current, which is also called restorative charging. In order to protect the battery, when the battery is over-discharged, the battery first charges with a small current until the battery voltage returns to the normal voltage level.

Phase 2: Constant Current Charging
The fast charging solution of our battery is realized at this stage by increasing the charging current. At this point the battery is charged at the maximum current that allows charging. At this stage, the charging current remains substantially constant and the voltage continues to rise.

Phase 3: Constant Voltage Charging
When the battery voltage reaches a certain value (about 90% of the power, different products may be different), the charger will keep the battery voltage unchanged, and gradually reduce the charging current value. If the charging current is still very large, lithium ions are likely to accumulate in the vicinity of the negative electrode of the battery, and grow into dendritic crystals, commonly known as dendrites; the long-term dendrite pierces the separator between the positive and negative stages to form a short circuit. Therefore, for the safety of the battery, the charging current will be small in the latter half of the charging.

Stage 4: End of charging
The external charger or device interface will have a “full” prompt, then you can unplug the charger. Therefore, we will feel that the battery's power is slowed from 80% to 100% because the battery enters the constant voltage charging stage. In order to protect the battery safety, the charging current is gradually reduced until it is full (100%).